Evaluating Skills with Psychometric Tests in Stroud, Gloucestershire

Evaluating a student’s current academic capabilities will not only help to create a tailored preparation programme, but also determine whether they are eligible for exam access arrangements. I’m Gina, an experienced SENCo and the owner of Ready Steady Exam in Stroud, Gloucestershire. I conduct a selection of academic and psychometric tests with students to analyse their strengths and weaknesses. Some Psychometric Tests Used:-

Wide Range Achievement Test, Fourth Edition (WRAT-4)

The WRAT4 is an academic skills assessment which measures reading skills, math skills, spelling, and comprehension. The WRAT4 serves as an excellent initial academic achievement evaluation, revaluation, or progress measure for any student.

Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing - Second Edition (CTOPP-2)

CTOPP-2 is used to assess phonological awareness, phonological memory, and rapid naming. This is in order to identify individuals who need help in developing phonological skills.

Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (DASH)

Assessing handwriting speed is ideal for providing evidence for access arrangements for key stage 2 national curriculum tests and for general qualifications.

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