About Gina and Ready Steady Exam

Ready Steady Exam is a toolbox that is tailormade to the individual student’s needs. I will work with the student to create a bespoke programme that helps them  access early interventions and enables them to go into their exam with confidence and the belief that they can achieve their very best. Ready Steady Exam consists of:

Specialist Assessor for Exam Access Arrangements

Covid secure face to face or online via zoom or microsoft teams

Why choose gina watson

  • I hold a current DBS certificate
  • I hold the qualifications required to test for exam access arrangements (CCET + AAC = CPT3A level 7. RQTU membership number 402131)
  • I currently work as the assessor for exam access arrangements in secondary schools
  • I am trained to level 3 in counselling skills.
  • I am a qualified teacher with more than 30 years of teaching experience in private, international and state schools - from ages 7 years to 16 years.
  • I am an experienced SENCO (Special Education Needs Co-ordinator) and now act as SENCO consultant.
  • My main role is to help students overcome barriers to their learning, such as special educational needs, self-esteem, friendship issues, stress, and anger.

To allow students to fulfil their potential in exams, various access arrangements can be made. This includes the allowance of extra time and the use of a reader and scribe.

  1. Testing to See If Exam Access Provision Is Required - This is a battery of psychometric tests that will determine which early interventions will help and whether or not the student will require exam access provision.
  2. Getting Prepared in Readiness for Your Exams – This is a programme to minimise stress. We will look at eating healthily, sleeping well, getting exercise, and being organised.
  3. Relaxation Techniques to Combat Stress and Anxiety around Exams

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