Exam Access Arrangements for Students

Students who have real difficulties performing during exams are often eligible for certain provisions during exams. I’m Gina, an experienced SENCO, qualified to test for exam access arrangements and hold a current DBS. Alongside my qualification, I am also up to date with the rules set out by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), the exams regulator responsible for determining what counts as reasonable adjustment.

Specialist Assessor for Exam Access Arrangements

Covid secure face to face or online via zoom or microsoft teams

Helping Students Achieve Their Potential

Whether the student struggles to think quickly enough, write legibly, or complete the examination in the allotted time, they may fall within the remit of access arrangements. These are adjustments of the exam to mitigate their difficulty. Examples of such arrangements include an additional time allowance, the use of a scribe or reader, the use of a computer, or the inclusion of rest breaks. With my assistance, students can be given the opportunity to fulfil their potential in exams.

Psychometric Tests

Once I have an understanding of the educational history of the student, I conduct a battery of psychometric tests which I interpret to identify and work out the effect of any difficulties, this can be done in person or online. I then use the history of need and the psychometric test results to make an informed decision about the type of intervention required and exam access provision that would enable the student to access the exam and reflect their true ability. To help the school apply for the recommended access arrangements, I will generate an independent report of my findings.

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