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A Specialist in Successful Exam Preparation in Stroud, Gloucestershire

Supporting Students with Their Exam Preparation

Exam Access Arrangements

Does your child suffer from anxiety when exams are coming?

Then look no further - Gina can help by teaching essential relaxation techniques.

Relaxation Techniques

Does your child struggle to finish exams on time?

Then look no further - Gina can help by using psychometric tests to see if your child would qualify for 'Extra Time' provision.

Psychometric Tests

Access Arrangements for Exams

To allow students to fulfil their potential in exams, various access arrangements can be made. This includes the allowance of extra time and the use of a reader and scribe.

Conducting Relevant Tests

By conducting a selection of psychometric tests, I am able to evaluate the needs of a student and determine their eligibility for access arrangements.

Full Preparation for the Exam

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” is an old adage that stills rings true. I believe that there are many keys to successfully preparing for your exams.

Feel the Benefit of Relaxation

Being calm and relaxed not only helps to prepare, but also allows students to perform during the exam. I help students master various relaxation techniques.

Contact me now, in Stroud, Gloucestershire, to acquire assistance with exam preparation from an experienced SENCo.

About Gina

Exams play a huge part in the lives of children and teenagers, and they often cause a lot of stress, worry and anxiety. I’m Gina, an experienced teacher and SENCo, and the owner of Ready Steady Exam. Based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, my company focuses on helping students with their exam preparation, including the assessment for provision of any access arrangements they require. Using more than 35 years of experience, I take a friendly and caring approach to working with children, delivering a unique service that is tailored to their needs. With my assistance, students will understand how to organise their revision, learn to manage stress and anxiety, feel more confident, and be ready for their exams. Many children simply do not currently receive the support they need, so give me a call to give your child additional assistance prior to their exams.